Ring Backpack 1 in Waterproof Technical Nylon Navy/Black Leather

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  • A lightweight showerproof hybrid rucksack that can be utilized as a ring backpack or daily/travel backpack.
  • Hidden helmet holder that utilizes it’s own zipper pocket to be easily stowed away for non-helmet usage.
  • Gold Metallic Zippers
  • Internal Laptop Sleeve
  • Magnetic button snaps are used instead of traditional snaps to secure top cover for quicker and more convenient closing.
  • The bag is made from durable nylon woven in a compact gabardine construction. The easy, soft structure is influenced by military archive styles from the early 20th century and is reworked with multi-zip pockets for added functionality. This style maximizes storage spaces while limiting bulkiness.
  • Multiple pockets on the inside and out, as well as a crop holder, bottle holder, and internal laptop sleeve.
  • Multiple D-Hooks for a variety of uses including spurs.
  • Dimensions- L33*D13*H48 (cm)
  • Equestrian Backpack/Travel Backpack/Ring Backpack

MEDIA- https://myequestrianstyle.com/blog/backpack

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2 reviews for Ring Backpack 1 in Waterproof Technical Nylon Navy/Black Leather

  1. Sarah

    I bought this bag for school as well as for shows and I’m literally so happy I did, It is perfect for both. Definitely recommend.

  2. Madison

    I ordered this bag in May and finally received it in September. And to say it was worth the wait is an understatement! I absolutely love this bag and everything about it. Definitely recommend!

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